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CACI facial

Non Surgical Face Lifting

The award winning CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) has gained the reputation as the finest micro current machine available.

Backed by over twenty years of research, CACI is the best known system within the beauty industry, and is considered to be the most advanced treatment system of its kind.

Indeed, treatment results are often so dramatic that CACI has become known as “The non-surgical face lift”.

By utilizing a unique combination of specific waveforms and frequencies that work in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field, CACI transmits tiny electrical impulses and signals that have been documented to stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue. A CACI non surgical face lift is an electronic beauty treatment using a CACI machine. CACI treatments lift the face by toning facial muscles, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing sagging skin. The CACI program consists of a course of weekly treatments, followed by a monthly maintenance session.

CACI has attracted a unique celebrity following, making it the most publicized beauty treatment in the industry’s history. CACI clients include famous faces from the world of show business, music, media and royalty.

CACI offers, for the first time, a serious alternative to surgery in an increasingly appearance conscious world.

CACI Ultimate: is the Ultimate aesthetic treatment system, that combines; Microcurrent, Facial Toning, Crystal Free orbital Microdermabrasion and LED Light Therapy Photo Stimulation the CACI Ultimate is truly the most versatile treatment system available.

CACI Face: Incorporating the popular CACI Classic non surgical face lifting system.

Read more about the LED light therapy that is included in you CACI Ultimate and CACI Face.

CACI Non Surgical Face Lifting Treatments

CACI Ultimate – 90 mins – £84.00
Course of 10 treatments £672.00

CACI Face – 60 mins – £59.00
Course of 10 treatments £472.00

CACI Eye – 30 mins – £37.00
Course of 10 Treatments £296.00

Maintenance course 6 treatments for the price of 5



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