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Permanent Cosmetics

We are delighted to have Jody Panico work with us at Pure Spa

Jody has been working in the cosmetic industry for over 7 years and offers the following services:


Hairstroke eyebrows – £350  created with a digital device (not microblading). Pigment is placed into the skin mimicking precise fine hairstrokes in the directions of the client’s natural hair growth. This ensures the blend is natural and is real like as much as possible.

Ombre eyebrows – £350 created with a digital device (not microblading). Pigment is inserted into the skin the same way but this time a shaded technique is used which creates tiny pixels of pigment throughout the eyebrow shape. This creates a full powdered effect leaving no gaps throughout the brow.

This combined brow – £350 is using both of the shading and hair stroke techniques. This is sometimes a good combination if you have very little hair giving it a little more density.

Each and every client’s eyebrows are tailored to their natural hair growth, skin tone, face shape & lifestyle.

The prices include 2 treatments 4-8 weeks apart

Lips – £350

Lip blush is created with a digital device. They are shaded spreading tiny pixelated pigment across the lips fading lighter into the middle. Creating stronger lip tint and symmetry.

Depending on the client’s requests, lips can be done with a defined outline and shaded into the lip or without an outline and just shaded lips.

For more information or to make a booking please contact us.