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Turmeric + Black Pepper

19th Sep, 2017

Did You Know….. Turmeric + Black Pepper For sometime we have know the fantastic benefits of Turmeric that include: antioxidant, anti inflammatory, liver support, improving brain function & reducing brain and heart disease. Combine turmeric with black pepper and absorbancy and potency increases up to 2000 times!

Colonic Hydrotherapy

15th Sep, 2017

Just in case you did not know, colonic hydrotherapy is available at Pure Spa. Colonic hydrotherapy is a gentle internal bath using warm, purified water, introduced gently into the colon which can help to cleanse and eliminate gas, mucus and toxic substances. For more information- call us on 01753 851019 or click here

Detox & Revive

10th Sep, 2017

Detox & Revive This treatment is perfect for times of over-indulgence or when you’re just feeling a little sluggish. The treatment includes exfoliation and an intensive skin treatment using zesty citrus oils to leave you feeling invigorated and full of energy. The treatment also includes a relaxing scalp and face massage whilst you are wrapped […]

Too Much of a Good Thing?

05th Sep, 2017

Too Much of a Good Thing? Are you feeling full and bloated after the holidays? Intestinal gas is produced in different ways. People normally swallow small amounts of air while drinking and eating. When an excessive amount of air is swallowed, whether from talking too much while eating, eating too quickly, or drinking carbonated beverages, […]

Autumn Product Offer

01st Sep, 2017

Purchase three products at one time and get the third on HALF PRICE! Here are the T’s & C’s The offer is available on ALL products. You can mix and match your products The 50% is deducted from the lowest price product This offer is available until 30 September 2017

Beach body ready? Don’t forget your face!

21st Jul, 2017

If you are in the middle of your holiday preparation then you probably have been buffing, gymming and depilating to get beach body ready, one thing that surprisingly often gets overlooked is your face. Work, lack of sleep, stress, pollution all contribute to dull skin, dark circles and fine lines. OK. You could start the […]

Pure Beauty Insider: Hyaluronic Acid.

14th Jul, 2017

What is Hyaluronic Acid? Naturally found in the tissues of our body, Hyaluronic Acid is a major component of our skin and THE secret to youthful skin. Found in abundance in the young, it helps our skin keep hold of that all important moisture creating that fresh-faced look we all desire. Why it is important? […]

What’s new this month

03rd Jul, 2017

This month, we have fallen in love with Hopi Ear Candle Treatments. A traditional Greek & North American Indian complementary therapy, and named for the Hopi Indian tribe of the American South West.  Hopi Ear Candles are a gentle treatment that decongest the ears, helping to remove pressure or everyday irritations. If you always have […]

Eat the Seasons… Strawberries!

01st Jul, 2017

With Wimbledon and Summer, now in full swing, the only fruit we can think to talk about is one of our favourites… Strawberries! If you have ever wondered why most, out of season imported, supermarket bought strawberries taste so bland, it’s because strawberries are picked under ripe so they don’t mush under travel. However, it […]

Meet our new employees…

01st Jul, 2017

We can’t wait for you to meet our brilliant new Pure Beauty employees. BB is our fabulous new beauty therapist and Alex is a truly wonderful, incredibly intuitive massage therapist. If you would like to try them out, we have a special introductory offer. Quote July Newsletter when booking and receive 10% off their treatments […]