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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the hair need to be to be waxed?

At least 3/4 inch or if you have been shaving you must have let the hair grow for three weeks, this will ensure a smooth and even finish and minimise ingrown hairs.

Does it hurt?

You will experience some discomfort a little like a plaster being pulled off. However at pure Spa we are very quick and this makes the treatment a lot more bearable.

What’s the difference between a basic, brazilian and hollywood bikini wax?

A basic bikini wax is just removing the few hairs that would show outside a pair of bikini bottoms. A brazilian wax is everything removed except a small triangle of hair just on the pubic bone. A hollywood wax is everything removed and not for the faint hearted!

Do you need to remove your underwear for a Bikini wax?

We provide paper diposable knickers for all bikini waxes. It is best not to wear any underwear for a hollywood wax, however if you feel uncomfortable with this our therapists can work around the paper knickers.

Is it common for Men to have waxing?

We have many male clients who visit the salon on a regular basis. We have found that chest and back waxing are the most popular treatments.

Does Waxing cause ingrown hairs?

Sometimes after waxing the follicle can become inflamed and therefore cause the hair to grow inwards and form a bump called an ingrown hair. This tends to happen when the hair hasn’t been left long enough to grow and therefore can snap off when waxed. Ingrown hairs can be minimized by exfoliating the skin on a regular basis and using tea tree oil to treat them as a natural antiseptic. We also sell a lotion called “No Bump” which is very effective as a long term treatment to prevent ingrown hairs.

Will my skin break out after a facial?

If you have never had a facial before it’s likely your skin is very congested under the surface. Therefore after any facial treatment it would be normal for you to get a few blemishes, think of it like your skins natural detoxing process. However we generally find most clients don’t experience a breakout and if so it would be minimal.

Why do I need a patch test before an eyelash tint?

It is a legal requirement that you have a patch test before an eyelash tint even if you have had one in the past at another salon. Eyes can be very sensitive and as it’s such a delicate area its best to always be sure your skin is not allergic to the tints we use.


To find out more about our LED Light Therapy, please refer to our LED Frequently Asked Questions.

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